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Wednesday, November 05, 2014


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Starfire and Raven, Duh!


Oh, big time. My answer was that Raven and Starfire would demolish the boys in a quarter second or less. UNLESS Robin knew about it ahead of time. If he had enough time to make a plan, he'd be able to figure out how to beat them.

It's like one of my favorite writers used to say: Captain America would beat the Batman in a fight the first two or three times, then they'd go back and forth a few times, but after four or five fights, the Batman would win pretty much every time. If the Batman had a year to prepare, he could take down Galactus. But without a year to prepare. Om nom nom.


I feel safe that I admit here without being subjected to judgement that I love watching Teen Titans. I have the kids as my excuse, butI laugh my *** off every time.


Oh, the writing on that show is just insanely good. SO. Damn. Funny.

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