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Monday, May 14, 2012


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Wow, she's right. Just be happy he didn't join forces with the Sharpies.


There's a book in that kid's brain. I look forward to reading the entire history of the Graphite-Wax Accord, and the terrible, terrible toll the war took on the Coloring Book societies.


This is the third time I have come back to this. She is so witty! All of your kids are. Is that picture above really of Beanie? Her profile is strikingly similar to her eldest sister. Hugs.



That is really and for true the Bean in that photo. And, yeah, for some reason, her transition from impossibly sweet and adorable little kid into really sharp yet still sweet and adorable kid has been even more striking than with her siblings. She's got a shiv she keeps hidden most of the time but every once in a great while she'll beam delightedly as she silently and invisibly slips it between your ribs. Inherited it from her mother, obviously.

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