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Thursday, March 29, 2012


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One of the further pieces of evidence that I am not really equipped to be a proper parent is that I would have had a really hard time not laughing when I discovered they were throwing berries.

I am with you all the way on the hoods. It disgusts me how a couple of pieces of evidence that Trayvon was a teenager acting like a teenager, are being treated by the shriek machine as proof that he was a juvenile delinquent. Some grownups quickly forget their own childhoods.

elizabeth cox

all ican say is WOW! you really made me stop and think- thank you for this blog. my sons(8 & 6) wear hoodies all the time, in fact my husband & i do too. as i sit here and reflect on what you wrote i am stunned, sad, mad, thankful and scared of the world my kids are growing up in.

zombie rotten mcdonald

Geraldo, how about we skip past your own insecurities and prejudices and talk about the insanity of guns in this country?

Rita McCall

How fortunate that the woman who owns the car was still nice despite of what happened, I almost laughed when I found out that it was just a berry and it was their first time to hit one. hehe anyway, tha was a parable for kids to learn - very inspirational, indeed. Behind your 13-year old daughter's stoicness is a responsible child. Sometimes, it's not that easy for kids to confess their sins due to scariness of getting scolded. This proves that when it comes to parenting, communication is better than doing it the hard way.

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