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Saturday, February 25, 2012


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new york city

I also be aware of that NYC Serenade is a oldest album. but it was too famous song album. it was thousands of fan. i have among of them. by the by, this whole essay i have read mindfully. it's totally useful and traditional topics related.


By far the highest praise I've ever received. You have set a high bar indeed for all future comments.

Listen 2ur junk man

A junk man bein dressed in "satin" and the day of this writing... Seems to me to indicate a pimp or dealer, or both. Which would fit better than your description of this character. He goes to talking about the style of stacked heels (so 1970's, corner boys (do wop group possibly, or those that just hang on corners... Junkies, drunks, kids and the like) ... So if he's referencing corner girls... Seems he's referencing satin dressed pimps/ pusher ...

Ain't rock n'roll per se, reminds me a little of early piano riffs of Billy Joel... Somewhat modern jazz hits than r'nr ... 1970 ... Just funky, Rod Stewart had some of it. Like the story about Georgie.

Mad dog promenade ... Coincidence it matches ex- band member ... It's a dog eat dog world on the streets.

It's a lonely life amongst many characters in NYC ... Night train ... Subway, back to...? They slow her down, cuz she gotta keep movin' and doesn't want the complications of going outside her familiar surroundings ... Fleeting and quick relationships, is what she wants .... Whatever wherever .... Listen to the junk man .... He's singing he's pushin' it's so melodic like a high


Wow, great thoughts. I think, though, that I'd quibble with this:

A junk man bein dressed in "satin" and the day of this writing... Seems to me to indicate a pimp or dealer, or both.

I can't see that, sartorial choices aside, Springsteen would refer to a pimp as a junk man, given how extremely derogatory a comment upon working girls that would be—it would be the absolute height of dehumanizing them, and that doesn't seem to fit any phase of his writings.

A dealer, on the other hand, would make sense, colloquially, given that "junk," obviously, was slang for heroin. Except that Springsteen has always been famously anti-drug, and I'm again having trouble seeing how that corresponds with what would seem to be the narrator's admiration for the junk man and, above all, the extreme beauty of the accompanying music.

Given the physical description and the admiration and transcendent music—music which had for decades been described as "junk"—is it possible the junk man was the impressive gent all the way to the left in this photo?


Not that I'm displeased, not by a long shot, but if anyone could tell me why this is suddenly getting tons of hits, that'd be swell. Was this just linked to somewheres or something?


Hi, it might be something to do with this :-)
It has just been officially released by Springsteen - pro shot recording of what many fans are saying was the highlight of his recent tour.
If you haven't already seen this; enjoy.


Thank you, Trufflehoney! (A phrase people don't use nearly enough.) That would indeed explain it. My goodness, what a version.


Oh. I'm getting so many hits on this piece because there's an episode of "Once Upon a Time" titled "New York City Serenade." Thank you, tumblr, for the explanation!

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