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Monday, June 20, 2011


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In a vast world of rock-n-roll where the phrase "one of a kind" is tossed around way too easily, Clarence was indeed one of a kind. And I am guessing Bruce knew that.

Great observation about "the look" you got that night, and I am 100% certain that is EXACTLY what he was trying to convey.

It's a similar look to the one that he and Bruce, I think, are giving each other on the iconic Born to Run album cover.

BRUCE (chuckling, leaning on Big Man) Damn, man. You ever think we'd be going where we're about to go?

CLARENCE (pause, straight-face) Nope. Never.


I'm embarrassed to say that I just found out that Clarence had passed. I'm sorry for your loss, Scott. Of course, it's all of our loss, but today my heart is sad for you. Love.

Lawrence Halter

When I heard of the news that the Big Man passed away, I was devastated along with many of his fans. It was quite a shock. We will never see him play "Jungleland" again, but his music will live forever. There can only be one Clarence Clemons. God we will miss him. Farewell, Big Man.

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