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Saturday, January 22, 2011


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Karen Edmisten

I think your point is that you once thought of music as a white knight on a steed but now you know how happy you can be.

J.B. Hurt

Awesome reply (and equally awesome post Scott - Welcome back!). I loved the Monkees! To this day, whenever watching an old western gunslinger stand-off, when most people hear the whistling theme of The Good, The Bad & The Ugly in their heads, I hear that drum "ba-dum" of Davy Jones' gunbelt dropping from the show's opening sequence. Thanks for the flashback!


Wait, you hated U2 and Springsteen could do whatever he wanted back then. I believe the Monkees because I recall even more "badass" stuff than that. The angry young man/pathetic young whelp did have a pretty bitchin cd collection. Rocking little peoples to sleep is a good trade off though.

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