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Saturday, August 08, 2009


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Palin don't worry about me and my children ....... i stand with obama's plan...


Scott, The crux of the right's outrage over the prospect of single-payer health care is this: it works. They've successfully disguised their dismay as concern that a Canadian-style program will be a disaster for America, but their real fear is that their entire philosophy about government and its ability to help people is a crock. The fact that a small number of influential people stand to lose hundreds of billions of dollars if the U.S. ever gets universal health care is all anyone needs to know in explaining why America is the last industrialized nation on earth without single-payer medical coverage for everyone who wants it. Remember the scene in All the President's Men when Woodward was told "Follow the money"? Well, the same advice holds here. Follow the money. Follow the money into the pockets of the Republican Party, owned lock, stock, and barrel by health-care industry. Follow the money into the pockets of enough influential Democrats to stall real reform. Follow the money as it pays for lying ads designed to frighten people about the prospect of universal heath care. Follow the money, always follow the money.

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