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Thursday, August 20, 2009


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Lee Garbett

Hey, Chief.

I can tell you that my Dad needed a hip replacement and had one on the NHS. They were fantastic and it's still going strong 15 yrs on. And what's more they gave my Dad a case of Guinness to help boost his iron!

Now THAT'S service.

My son and wife, both of whom have terrible asthma, get all their treatment absolutely free and are monitored regularly.

The NHS isn't perfect and if you've got money then people do go privately with BUPA and the like but on the whole its a marvelous system with a lot of very dedicated and caring people.

It's the way forward.


Maybe the word studying should go in quotation marks along with untrue and absurd.

But seriously, be careful about making apples to oranges comparisons. In the US, we might have a much higher need for hip replacements per capita. You must understand that our hip-replacement waiting rooms will be very, very crowded now that just anyone off the street can just walk . . . hovel? . . . whatever . . . in for a hip replacement. Perhaps the good senator is afraid that he couldn't get a hip replacement at his age--well, not because he would be refused a hip replacement due to his supposedly age-related lack of viability--but because a man his age cannot be expected to wait with all of those skateboarding punks and their blue hair. Some of them may have even been involved in mosh pit accidents!

The nerve--I mean, the personal responsibility of these people! Perhaps, taking a cue from Disneyland and implementing a Fastpass system . . .

Sorry. You're right. It is absurd.

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