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Friday, May 22, 2009


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I do like Coldplay but I feel as if I should be embarrassed about that. :) I like how they are a little less polished sounding than most bands, you know? Not so over processed. I like how Chris Martin can't really sing that well but sings anyway. I'm not really a big fan of Viva la Vida, but I love, love, love Violet Hill and Cemeteries of London.
(and no, he's not gorgeous)


Admittedly I don't listen to a lot of popular music, but to me Coldplay always sounds like "U2 lite"--the band you listen to when you are in the mood for U2 but don't want to have to think. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing because we all need a little junk food for the brain now and then. I like them enough that I wouldn't turn them off if they came on the radio, but I'm not buying.


I have nothing against Coldplay. I just really don't understand their massive popularity. I can listen to one of their songs three times in a row and still be unable to remember even a bit of the melody five minutes later. But clearly they're tapping into something I'm missing, as they're one of the biggest bands of this century.

As far as being embarrassed about liking them, though: this is the blog of a guy who digs Barry Manilow. There is no embarrassment here.


As much as you don't get their massive popularity, I don't get why there's this huge group of people who *hate* Coldplay - really hate them. They seem fairly nice, their music is rather harmless - what's to hate?


Yeah, I know. That's why I tried to emphasize that I don't hate them--although watching too much Chris Martin could push me in the direction of that camp--I'm just befuddled. As is not unusual.


But you know what? In their defense, they are really and truly trying hard to be not just the biggest band in the world, but the best. They have no real chance of ever scaling those heights, but major props to them for their attempt.


And that's what I like in music. I think I respect passion and enthusiasm more than talent. :) I bought their first CD after seeing Clocks performed at the Grammys years ago. They seemed so *into* the performance. I'll take that over the vocal perfection of someone like Celene Dion any day.
Did you see Green Day on Colbert Thursday?


Barry Manilow! BARRY MANILOW! Yuck, I gotta go wash my hands and clear my head. TMI Scott, TMI. Still love ya, but some things are better left swept under the rug...

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