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Thursday, April 16, 2009


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Cb Malling

With everything going on with this teabag event I think Espn should get involved. I found it kinda sad that all these news networks picked up all these teabag events. One I might even add took ownership in them and early today at around 2:00 am Espn's news coverage was the one that came to my attention.The report on Jackie Robinsons debute.
Now let's examine this day for a second please. We just elected an African American President this year, but these networks and people are trying to go and celebrate a day were these "Founding Fathers" which enslaved these same African Americans which we elect today. Something isn't right about that... if there is any story to cover please ask yourself what really happend yesturday.
I knew about Jackie's historical event before early today but I wasn't reminded of it until today and I missed any type of celebration coverage or did the media outlet not cover it enough for me to hear of it even tho I caught the news almost the whole day local and nationwide. Espn or somebody should report on this situation alone.


Very interesting post, as usual. Times like these I just don't know what to think, find it all very discouraging.

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