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Thursday, February 26, 2009


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Melissa Wiley

Is that a Snow White print on the wall? Now THAT'S punk.


Good Lord. The print doesn't show up UNTIL 49 SECONDS IN.

I can't believe you made it that far.

THAT's punk.

Melissa Wiley

No, YOU'RE a schmoopie.


Drat. Your title of this post had me thinking it was going to be a version of my favorite Bruce Springsteen song. Blurg.


First and foremost, the lead performer here looks like what would happen if Jeff Lynne, Seth Rogan, and the Weird Version of Joaquin Phoenix got together and made a baby.

Also, I can recall 22 years ago, when waking up from surgery to repair a broken foot, the two nurses standing over me had faces that were ghostly white and spoke in deep, garbled tones - "Are you awake? Are you awake?" - that sounded like darker and more distorted Darth Vader voices. Naturally, it was the effects of the anaesthesia that caused me to see and hear this, but I remember being freaked out and thinking at the time, "Am I dead?"

Why do I bring this up? Because had I instead awoke from surgery to see what is on this vidyo, well, I might have REALLY panicked.


That was three and a half solid minutes of me having no idea what I would experience next.

Thank you. I feel clean. And whole.

Tom Edmisten

Man, THAT is one hip cat. I think that was what Jack Webb was aiming at with the drug episodes of Dragnet in the sixties. Not that I would remember the sixties, of course. No way. Ixnay.

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