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Saturday, February 28, 2009


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Holy cow. These guys should definitely be in jail right now. This is the kind of story that makes me angry. Two men lost huge parts of their lives to wrongful imprisonment because of these doctors. It's unconscionable. And people, aside from the doctors should be held accountable for allowing it to go on.


The fact that Hayne and West were not arrested within days of the video breaking is shocking, and seem evidence that much of the judicial system there is corrupt; it seems highly unlikely to me that there's not a preponderence of judges, sherrifs and DAs who suspected something was amiss with Hayne and West and hired them anyway...or because of it.

But the other thing that really gets me is that, yes, they deprived, in at least a few cases, innocent men of their freedom—but that means they knowingly let the real guilty party go free.


This is horrible on many levels. It's no wonder people can't trust the justice system sometimes. I can't imagine how horror of being innocent and no one believing you.

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