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Monday, February 16, 2009


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And this is the reason I have the large pumps of hand sanitizer on every door of my car and my husbands vehicle. Yes, people mock me, but as I get through the cold and flu season without incident I just smile and take their abuse. But not their germs.

I hope you remain yucky germ free. I'm not sure I needed to read this so early in the morning.

Oh.. and ps..both my kids have the teenie tiny waist syndrome.....


Perhaps she was pregnant. I know on the TV that whenever someone pukes, it means they are pregnant. Or really upset.


LOL this is something I did with my dad once. Except I was 18 and we were on my college campus, going to the ER. I had an upset stomach and Dad was grousing because we had to go to the ER. Suddenly I just threw up in one of the trash cans. Dad calls this my exorcist moment.

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