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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


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Georgia observer

I wouldn't be surprised if this is still one of the greatest songs of the century when the 21st century is middle aged, and when it is old. As long as Americans fail to be outraged by human rights violations, regardless of who commits them, but *especially* when they are committed by Americans - whether they be torture, rendition, secret prisons, denial of habeous corpus; as well as illegal spying and other violations of the constitution, politicizing of the Justice Department and other branches of government; tolerance of poverty and completely inadequate health care; and generally being tricked into believing that lies are the truth and the truth, lies - we'll still be on a very long walk to find the ideals, the principles that are as much the United States of America as the ground we stand on. That's the home Bruce Springsteen and I love and about which he writes so perfectly. If we do get home, the song will still be a great reminder of how easy it is to stray, a reminder of the dark period of American history that began the century.

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