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Monday, September 15, 2008


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Spackle Camshaft Palin with my whole name. Seam Marauder Palin with just my first name. Very funny!


Pie Gallon Palin here. Hmm, I think I prefer Mrs. Mangle Blue.

(Rink Rebate Palin if I use my middle name.)


My name is Hump Gizzards Palin.I feel dirty. I'm gonna go shower, again.


you feel badass because you are badass. :O

Karen Edmisten

Ok, I couldn't resist. I am Stick Freedom Palin. Yikes.





Bullett Bodycheck Palin...I hope you're willing to share that big bowl of badass sauce you've got sitting in front of you...

It's official: the first belly-laugh of the day!


I am Clop Clutch Palin.
My wife is Shove Maggot Palin.
Our son is Hook Tuneup Palin.

I so cannot wait to send Christmas Cards this year.

"Seasons Greetings! Love - Clop, Shove, and Hook."

Love2learn Mom

Flag Cobra Palin :)


Clop, Shove and Hook—I'm pretty sure I've used that law firm before.

Bullet Bodycheck, Flag Cobra, Spackle Camshaft: damn, yo. We're all badass roundabout these here parts.

Penny in VT

My daughter would be "Mullet Troll Palin" - I may never stop laughing. Did you try John McCain? Pretty funny...

I found your blog through your lovely wife, and enjoy your perspective :) Thanks

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