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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


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Ugh. I hate those lists. They always make me feel like such an idiot because I've never even heard of half of them and have only read a few. Can I just blame my teachers? That feels so much better.


Ditto what Theresa said, but at least it's nice to have them all in one place, thanks!


That list generated some real controversy and criticism when it came out. Partly for what was on it, mostly for what wasn't on it, and partly for their method of voting/choosing.

I've read 34 of them. I've started some others and then put them down unfinished. But I am 47 years old and a lifelong book dork. So I'd be ahead of you.

Angle of Repose is one of my favorites. Henry James is wonderful, but The Golden Bowl is a short story or novella stretched painfully out over 600 blatheringly boring pages.

Cool site. Thanks.


Where is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vol. 3?


The fact that To Kill A Mockingbird isn't on there, and in the Top 10, is very strange.

Tom E

I've taught _To Kill a Mockingbird_ several times and feel somewhat prepared to offer a comment on it. Many critics still regard it a book for children, rightly or wrongly. Flannery O'Connor certainly regarded it as such. Speaking of Ms. O'Connor, she's not on the list that I can see. Really? See _Wise Blood_, and then check back. And if you want to include Anthony Burgess, and if they wanted to include Anthony Burgess, where's _Nothing Like the Sun_? And no Cormac McCarthy? _Blood Meridian_, magnificent.


No Toni Morrison? Maya Angelou? Sandra Cisneros? Barbara Kingsolver? Gabriel Garcia Marquez? Gone with the Wind? Like Water for Chocolate? Bless Me Ultima? The Bell Jar?

This is a little like not including Carmen or Porgy and Bess in a list of the most memorable operas.


I was an English major, and, even now, I've only read fewer than 20 of them. I probably got more out of the ones I read after college (An American Tragedy, Death Comes for the Archbishop) than the ones I read in college (Wide Sargasso Sea, A House for Mr. Biswas--these somewhat obscure gems in the same course).

My objection to the list is that no author should be on it twice (as I see Dreiser and Naipal are) until Updike gets on it once. I mean, isn't Updike just a dirtier, later 20th Century version of Dreiser?


I've read 15 of them. I despise all James Joyce so those that I have not read will not BE read anytime soon. I have some serious quibbles with the lack of love for Edith Wharton. And I don't understand why Passage to India ranks so high. It was my least favorite Forster book.


Miguel de Cervantes! porque no esta en esta lista? And what about Mark Twain! Oh well, at least I take comfort in seeing Jack London on it once.
But back to spanish/ hispanic authors, they missed a great recent one:
(Sorry,always hard not to self promote)lol

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