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Wednesday, May 07, 2008


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I'm not sure why, but after nearly four years, this piece has suddenly become very popular in Asia and Australia over the past few months, now getting dozens of hits per week. If any of you who've found this page could drop me a line and let me know why, I'd surely be grateful.


And now for some reason it's popular in Hertford and...Glasgow? Aren't they kind of far away from each other?

raychael chand

I have a essay on how does the exploration of humane experiences in the merchant of Venice invite you to reconsider your understanding of deception?
I have been looking everywhere for things to help me and yours is the only ne to tell me about the deception between Bassanio and Portia so, thank you :)


My pleasure, Raychael—very glad (and amused) to have been of assistance! :)

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