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Friday, May 16, 2008


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sarah in va

Drives me nuts. I'm convinced they have an arrangement with the makers of Goo Gone, along with the picture frame manufacturers. Really, how dumb do you have to be to think that someone just might not want a smear spot from a sticker right in the middle of their fav pic?


Of course, I *could* try teh google...

It doesn't help with the residue, but it does have a handy-dandy trick for removing the sticker. I've tried it twice now, with decidedly mixed results: the first time the sticker came off flawlessly and quickly, the second time...not so much. But it's possible I rushed it too much the second time, or that the sticker was warmer from the disc being in the car longer and that that had some sorta effect. We'll see.

Not that this helps with picture frames.

Not that I frame pictures.

Or take them.

Because, really? Who cares about other peoples?


After removing the shrinkwrap, the thing to do is disconnect the jewel case's bottom hinge. Once done, flip the front panel upwards. Then it's easy to get the wraparound sticker off the two separated parts. You just have to be careful not to break the hinges.

And then, remove the CD booklet and then always place it in its slot sideways so you won't constantly be causing it to get mangled by the holding slots.

Your welcome.


Damnit! That should be "You're welcome". It's almost as if a guy can't be smug without messing up anymore.

I'm sure there's a lesson there somewhere.


Thanks for the tip, though! Very hepful indeed. Although I still find about half the stickers leave residue, even they're way easier to get off in one pull, rather than a half-dozen strips. And some of them (including, it seems, all Columbia discs) come right out without any residue at all. Yay!


It's an anti-bootlegging thing. But given the existence of Limewire, they should just give it up completely...


Interesting that Scott said that Columbia discs come without any residue at all since I've had more trouble with Columbia discs than any other. Leonard Cohen is now marred by my attempt at removing a sticker th....... And Frank Sinatra....oh, who the fuck cares. Whine whine whine. I care. Bottom line: if the record labels wanted to come up with a sticker that can be removed without leaving any residue, they would.

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