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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


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sarah in va

You do know how to grow them, don't you? Darling. Wish I could get my hands on her.


That little bitty girl put away all of the goodies all by herself? She's a genius, she is. And unbearably cute.


Ha, I was just snickering at you and thinking how she has you absolutely wrapped around her little finger ... and then as I scrolled down I came upon the photo. Sigh. What an angel. I can't imagine her doing anything that wasn't utterly adorable and entirely forgiveable. She has *me* wrapped around her little finger, and I've never even met her.


That girl is so stinkin' cute. I'm sure that she doesn't have you wrapped around her little finger at all.


Good grief, who dresses that child??


Not sure, but it appears the person’s previous gig was dressing the children on the last few seasons of The Brady Bunch.


She reminds me a lot of myself at that age--but I colored on wallpaper and generally made a disastrous mess. And the "who, me?" look usually happened when I was busted.
And I didn't even *try* to follow the Senator's good example and clean up.


Very sweet, the cutie in the picture I mean :)


She is darling. Mismatched is the new black. :)

Oddly, we have that EXACT same basket and it holds our...Brio trains.

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