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Wednesday, December 05, 2007


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But if you were Tom, you wouldn't really be having much to do with your baby, would you? My apologies, as a faithful Cowboy fan I couldn't help myself. To our knowledge, Romo hasn't yet abandoned any babies. :)


If Senator Smoosh were Tom's baby, he'd give up football to stay home with her. THAT's how great she is.


And I think your wife is probably far more charming and intelligent than whats-her-name or the supermodel. :)


Well, okay. That one's indisputable.


And that it’s not simply that, like Top Management, she pretty much wishes Tom Brady were really her father.

Hey wait a minute there, I think the father I've got is pretty darn swell!



Q: How can we demolish poor lil’ Scott even further?
A: You mean besides pointing out that he’s no Tom Brady? Subtly point out that his writing sucks too!

You folks with two X chromosomes are so mean.


LOL!!! I was laughing at that line, Lissa! Scott, you're very funny.

Tom Brady

Hey Scott, if that IS your real name -

I know it's who who's been going through my garbage. Stop stalking me! I'm already spoken for...several times over, actually.

Man am I handsome!



Yeah, Scott it is you that is stalking Tom, not um, me.

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