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Friday, November 23, 2007


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The only people who complain about leftist agendas are the ones who think that you should be able to won all the guns a small army would need and that women should not be allowed to make decisions regarding their bodies. These are also the same people who think the current President is doing a good job and that those of us who complain are traitors. I'd rather be called a traitor.


Count me in comrade.


you're my hero.

seriously... that was amazing.


Wow, this rant never gets old in certain circles! Funny how murdering a baby can be considered a "woman's choice" to the same people who want to impose ridiculous ideals on others like the "Government Imposed Robin Hood" theory and the "Good People Don't Need Guns, Dammit" theory.


Amy ([email protected])--

You've obviously never spent much time on Left of the Dial, and that's just fine. But if you had, you'd have discovered that I'm vehemently pro-life. Which means I believe life begins at conception. And it means I'm against the death penalty. And it means I'm against illegal wars.

And it also means I believe that, yes, if children are going to bed hungry or aren't able to go the doctor because their parents can't afford it for whatever reason that, yes, the gubmint has a moral obligation to help out.

I can't help but find it inneresting that I wrote something about the fourth amendment and my idear that blacks and whites should be treated equally and this is how you immediately respond. It's mighty easy to assume everyone who holds one belief with which you disagree must hold all them others with which you disagree. So pleasant to tar all dissenters with one big brush and then run, innit?

But not only does the world not work that way--hey, I loves the musical stylings of both Barry Manilow and the Sex Pistols and I'm not afraid to say so--but it keeps anything constructive from actually getting accomplished.


Way to go, Scott!


Scott, it might have been more obvious that you are a pro-life democrat if you had responded to Shannon's post against people who think that "women should not be allowed to make decisions regarding their bodies" as quickly as you responded to Amy's post.


Karen, Scott can speak for himself (and I have no doubt he will), but since he's snuggled up with a sick little boy right now (tummy bug, ugh), I'll chime in. There's an awful lot of life happening on this side of the computer screen, and it isn't always possible to respond to every comment as quickly as one might wish! And sometimes they slip through the cracks.

But Scott has been very vocal here many, many times about his stance on abortion.


scott, i am a big peterson family fan. lilting house, bonny glen, anywhere i can catch you guys. i too am a pro-life democrat, both in the womb and out of the womb. just want you to know your family is a big blessing to me. hope the stomach bug passes soon. love to all those adorable children.

Maria Ashwell

Right on Scott!

Karen Edmisten

I hope you know that the previous Karen was not this Karen! I happen to be married to an incredible, wonderful pro-life Democrat myself (as you guys know.)


Scott, it might have been more obvious that you are a pro-life democrat if you had responded to Shannon's post against people who think that "women should not be allowed to make decisions regarding their bodies" as quickly as you responded to Amy's post.

Shannon has been coming to Left of the Dial for quite a while now, so she’s very much aware that I’m pro-life and I’ve very much aware that she’s pro-choice. And once you get beyond that very, very big divide, we’ve got far more in common than we do disagreements.

Which is exactly what I’ve argued again and again and again: that because of the stunning ineptitude with which the pro-life movement is run—and for those in the back, let me state bluntly once again that I’m pro-life—you’ve got natural allies pitted against each other, so all those places where they’d normally work together and most likely be quite effective at combating, say, childhood hunger, or perhaps the death penalty, or our government engaging in torture, instead there’s a remarkable lack of cooperation, despite being on the same side. And thus nothing gets done. If one were inclined to believe in conspiracy theories, it wouldn’t be hard at all to believe this was intentional at the top of the political food chain. But, really, it’s just as easy to believe in human stupiditity and incompetence.

Anyhoo. Left of the Dial is a big tent. I’d guess about 60% of my readers are considerably to the right of center and the others off to the left, to varying degrees. And if anything, I tend to be harder on those I agree with either politically or in religious terms, because I feel I have that right and indeed that obligation, and that one tends to be more successful by working within. I also like to think my side can take the criticism. It’s kind of a fambly thing, I reckon.

Amy Witt

Just wow. I am so glad to know (from Lissa's blog) about the pro-life democrats site. Just after the 2004 election, after months and months of hard campaigning for Kerry and Edwards and suffering post election depression I guess I just crawled into a hole called Homeschooling in Texas where many, if not most are neo-Republicans.

I guess I just stopped talking in our HS circle about my political affiliation as well as ideas as no one would get past the "well I usually vote Democrat..." The next question would be and I am not kidding, "You believe in abortion and gay marriage?" I got so tired of explaining myself and my party that I have just kept a low profile. (I do have a friend who introduces me as her Democrat friend like I am some oddity. I love her anyway.)

I am so glad to read some of your writing. I clicked over from Lissa's blog as I was reading about your birthday (HAppy birthday by the way). Now I just need a site, "ProLife, ProMarriage, Homeschooling Democrats" If you find it, let me know.

Looks like I have lots of archives to catch up I will keep reading.


Karen (NOT Edminsten)

Scott, thank you for your thoughtful response. We have more in common than being pro-life...we share a birthday, too. Hope yours was great.


For you who might be curious, please visit This is the national website for the Democrats For Life of America organization. They were formed in 1999 and now have 41 state chapters. Further, in the Bi-partisan (yes, Toto, "bi-partisan") House Pro-Life Caucus, there are 31 consistently voting pro-life democrats. Bart Stupak of Michigan is the democratic pro-life chair. In the Senate there is now two pro-life democrats - Nelson of Nebraska and Bob Casey, Jr. of Pennysylvania. Casey is the son of legendary pro-life democrat Robert Casey who was not allowed to speak on the abortion issue at the 1992 national convention. He defeated Rick Santorium in the classic battle of two pro-life candidates from diifferent parties facing off. Score one for the pro-life democrats!
Also, to see what legislation pro-life democrats are pushing these days, google the Pregnant Women's Support Act.

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