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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


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Scary! Will keep your family and everyone there in my prayers.

Dave M

Having just returned to the UK from Virginia, I can confirm that The Rose is spot on. No big fires there.
Will pray you're all kept safe & well.

sarah in va

I'm with Rose--no fires here. Come on back, baby. We are a bit parched, however.

David Having taught middle school for 10 years, I have seen many, many uncomfortable talent show acts by my young students. Acts where I only wanted to crawl under my seat, fingers in my ears and pray that the 3 to 5 minutes of talent on display would not socially cripple the child for his/her remaining middle school days...Oh, the stories I could tell...But I've never seen anything quite like this...Nope. She wins.
The funniest thing to me about the clip is the stunned silence of the crowd when she finishes. (They were all under their seats, fingers in their ears...praying).


I would send some of our welcome (and much needed) rain if I could. Be safe.


Well I'd send you some rain if I could, but just took my allotted load to NC for family visit. The Southeast US appears to be one lighted match away from joing CA.
At least you have Chertoff to help....oh never mind, boy are you screwed now!

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