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Saturday, September 29, 2007


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Amen to all that. Lovely guy, but Kurt was the goods.
I had heard no Nirvana to speak of till the mid '90s, (hey, I'm OLD,)when I turned on MTV Unplugged one night and got to see the Unplugged show. All through it I was astounded at the suppleness of the writing, the powerful lyrics, the seamless three piece work. Dave will never write like that, he is an honest quarryman but not a sculptor. Later my kids got the retro Nirvana bug, and I now know the music much better.
Goodness your wife's blogs are gorgeous :)

Steve the LLamabutcher

That was just low at the end. Low.

Plus, Grohl was the one who got Harry to jump on the broomstick in the first week of school, breaking the express order of Madame Hooch. Little known fact....


That was just low at the end. Low.

Nah. I loves me my Phil Collins. I do. I do I do I do. Oh Lord.

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