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Monday, July 09, 2007


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Considering his topic, this man has a great amount of courage and integrity.


And to underscore this man's point, the WaPo is reporting today that Gonzales, the head of our legal system, is a documented perjurer.


Thanks for posting this.


I commend Mr. Koppel's courage in writing this piece. It speaks volumes for him. I don't know how to feel. Part of me is outraged. Most of me is not surprised. there is not respect for the rule of law in the administration. This country was founded and based on the notion that certain freedoms are guaranteed and that citizens will not be treated certain ways. That tradition was mostly intact for 200 years, including a civil war and World War II. We were the world leaders who pushed the rest of the world to pass the Geneva Convention and the UN and the World Court. People looked to us as a beacon of freddom. Now, after the reign of W, we are the laughing stock. Every single day, our civil liberties are eroded by this regime. Thanks for Mr. Koppel for his courage and outrage. He is the kind of lawyer I aspire to be.

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