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Monday, July 02, 2007


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Edmund Bogen

Presidents have a right to pardon guilty people. I had the same comments you had when President Clinton Pardoned Mark Rich and the terrorists from the FALN who blew up Frances Tavern in lower Manhattan in the 1970's. That's politics.


Presidents have a right to pardon guilty people.

You're absolutely right, they do. Which doesn't make it right, of course. Whether or not they have the right to commute sentences, however, is actually another matter—there doesn't seem to be any such mention of commutation in the Constitution.

This is hush money. This is extortion. It's clear Libby was going to start singing the moment the cell door closed behind him. So they bought him off.

Tom E.

President Clinton Pardoned Mark Rich.

And just who was Rich's lawyer? Wait for it...Yes, Scooter Libby! Tah-dah, IOKIYAR (It's o.k. if you're a Republican) strikes again!

He did it because he doesn’t believe the law applies to him or his friends. He did it because he’s the president. And he believes that that makes him the king.

And he did it to keep President Cheney's ass out of jail.


When these words were reported yesterday, I thought it was the most arrogant thing I've ever read: (about delaying the sentence)

"`I hope it puts pressure on the president. He's a man of pronounced loyalties and he should have loyalty to Scooter Libby,'' said former Ambassador Richard Carlson, a member of Libby's defense fund. ``It would be a travesty for him to go off to prison. The president will take some heat for it. So what? He takes heat for everything.''"

Now I'm shaking my head and thinking--"Wow, at least with Paris we learned that drunk driving doesn't pay." Weird, huh?


Good synopsis, Scott. I couldn't've put it any better myself.

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