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Friday, May 18, 2007


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Dave Blakeslee

Yeah, that's a very self-incriminating video. Let's put it in context though. Just the year before this song was released, Billy Squier had somehow not only gotten away with "Stroke Me, Stroke Me" but actually saw it become the biggest hit of his career. This was also around the time that "Footloose" was hitting it big which probably reinforced the notion that there was an audience that liked to watch guys prancing around and dancing with themselves. (Wasn't that a Billy Idol song, anyway?)

I think a little tendril of pop culture mutation poked itself out of the mire and was quickly stomped down when the general public realized that things had gone just a bit too far. It was brutal, but necessary.


You've got to try this: watch the video with the sound off. I found it hysterical.

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