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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


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Karen E.

Oh, you've got me weeping. How real and true and lovely.

Karen in TX

Love It! Thank you!


Embarrassed, yes!
Ever-so-slightly angry, no.
Saintly, bahaha.

Bawling my eyes out? Oh yes. (More fluid.)

I certainly do know how to pick a husband, that's all I can say.

Cay in La.

I'm printing this out to give my hubby on Father's Day.
Thanks to Karen E. for directing me here.

Well done, Scott.

And you too, Lissa. :)


As a fella who is certifiably and hopeless squeamish, and is thoroughly skeeved out by most of the bodily fluids - good and bad - we earthlings possess, suffice it to say that I winced several times whilst reading this. Just 'cause that's the way I am. It is one of my many, many, many, many flaws.


And yet this remains one of the rarest of rare occasions - being grossed out yet so thoroughly touched, all at once. For this piece was truly a thing of beauty. Nicely done, plucky.

You know, maybe all these fluids ain't so bad after all. Makes me feel like diapering my 7-year-old tonight, just for old times sake.

And then calling his mother in to do the work.

Baby steps. Baby steps.


This is great!!!

Alice Gunther

Fantastic post!


Fantastic post, Scott! How do you manage to turn something disgusting (vomit) into something quite beautiful (love)? Well done!



Margaret in Minnesota

It’s pretty rare to read a post that’s at once both gross and really beautiful. Well, you pulled it off, Scott, and I believe that parents around the globe will be richer for it. Just think of all the people who will be thinking of you when they clean up p*ke! Which, though I’m teasing, is to your credit—like the nurse in your story, you have given us a means to cope and the humorous encouragement that we need to get a messy job done without complaining.


i love how you get all moulin rouge on us at the end. Freedom! Beauty! Vomit! LOVE! So Very Awesome.

oh and just in the name of complete disclosure - i chose to read this while eating black cherry yogurt with vanilla granola and nuts mixed in. Guess what that looks like?

*continues to eat it, undaunted*


Right there with you. On a positive note for you, not having any furry friends at home, pet fluids are way, WAY more gross than human ones.
I do hope both bathrooms are working now.


Great post! I'm so happy to find someone writing about bodily fluids more than I do.

Elizabeth H

Beautiful post.
I hate to fire a Bible bullet at you, but I was reading the Easter story to my kids tonight and I was struck with all the fluid in that too. Oil, blood, water, it's all there (apart from the vom).


Good words.

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