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Thursday, April 12, 2007


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I wish that more people were as logical as you are about this issue. I was discussing this with a friend who took the same stand as the one taken in the email you received. I just kept asking him "What is it okay for Imus to do it just because (1) he's said stuff like that in the past and (2) other people say it, too." He didn't have an answer for me. I suspect that he knew that his argument was wrong. I think what he said was reprehensible and the sad thing was if he was in the White House, he probably would have gotten away with it.


Right on, brotherman. Sing it loud.

Sure, speech is still free and Imus is allowed to voice whatever swill that spills from his old, addled brain. Go for it. But guess what? His critics also have a right to point out what a racist dog this guy is. And his advertisers have a right to say, "To hell with this. I'm tired of spending my money propping up a guy who says such hateful, stupid things." And his bosses have a right to say, "This guy is an embarassment to us and is NOW costing us money. Screw it - he's just not worth it anymore. We're going to fire him."

Free speech, and free will, are amazing things, aren't they? You know who’s probably more aware of that today than ever before? Don Imus.

Oh, and we're talking about a man who is a tired, bitter bigot surrounded by kneepad-wearing sycophants who only exist to make him think he's funnier and more relevant than he is. For years he's been wonderful magnet for what P.J. O’Rourke once described as the “Parliament of Whores,” who could come to his show to suck up to this mouth-breather and, in turn, have their egos stroked. Among other things. Joe Lieberman, Tim Russert, James Carville, John McCain, Rudy Giuliani and many, many more were guilty of propping this dude up for a long, long time. Shame on them. Maybe they can try Howard Stern next?

Good riddance. There are too many real outrages to cry about than to waste a tear on this creep.

Tom E.

A copule of thoughts: I suspect that Imus had gotten to the point where he thought he was bullet-proof. He doubtless felt he could cross any line or spew any bilge he liked. After all, did not princes and potentates approach him on bended knee? He could, literally, in one moment refer to Hillary Clinton as a "satanic bitch" and then the next entertain the likes of Tim Russert, John Kerrey, Bob Dole, John McCain, Bob Kerrey, the sainted Rick Santorum, Joe Liebermann, and on ad nauseum. As for the comment, I wonder if he actually thought he was referring to a group of young women as "whores"? I think that he had not completely confated the term "'ho" with the word "whore." He likely would not have in his wildest dreams referred to the women in qestion simply as "whores," but that's just what he did. By using "'ho", he deluded himself into thinking he was perhaps not wildly out of line. But given, his past, maybe he wasn't truly concerned about that. My wife thinks I'm smoking something when I raise this possibility; she's probably right, but there it is. I think it bears some scrutiny, though.
As for the right-wing radio clowns, they've always struck me as whiny white boys who woke up one day to find that their new boss was black, a woman, or both, and just hated it.

"Fanucci, with or without nuts, the greatest name in fudge."


The tiny aquatic one has some great points on this—and I'd have said that even without the reciprocal props.


To me this is a part of the reason why this country has become so divise. Fools like Imus and Rush just poor on the hate, the us-vs-them, take no prisoners, no middle ground mentality, and it comes to I'm white, you're black, therefore you are inferior. Kudos to the advertisers that pulled their ads, and to an extent to MSNBC and CBS for having the cojones to fire the fool. These guys hide behind the first admendment and think anything is fair. Thank God for reality checks!


Amen, Ed!

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