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Tuesday, March 13, 2007


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Where did he come from? How did I not know that he was onstage until his solo began?

I wish I had an educated ear to hear all the nuances you hear. Even a charlatan like me can tell this is mighty impressive playin'.


Holy, just holy holy... You know, I am not one for big time guitar blabby blabby let's call it masticating for the sake of the kiddies solos - but I was completely transfixed -- and WTF! Lissa is right! Where did he come from! I am watching this thinking- well, who is doing the solo? Who is LOD talking about -- and then I spent the next minute going HOLY S*** is that PRINCE?!? And then I got goosebumps watching him -- I especially love how he throws the guitar up in the air and struts off with that I'm Done attitude. I want to say something really really dirty as a description of his attitude here, but I'll email it to you privately.

I bet he's great in bed. If we didn't think so before...


Okay, I have now been given permission to describe the purple one's attitude:

That attitude at the end.

It is totally like he just f***ed the s*** out of a woman, in a way she has never been f***ed before, and gets up, wipes his d*** on the curtains and stalks out then doesn't call.



I am nothing if not classy.


I am nothing if not classy.

And you ain't nothin'.

As I said to my pal Dan, Prince had this attitude that just clearly screamed, "I may be five foot four and weigh seventy-two pounds, but I can kill any man on this stage* this exact second if I decide to hit just the right note. So don't mess with me. Because I'll do it.

"Oh, and I nailed your wives. All of them. Ten minutes ago."

[*Except Sir Macca; he bears Yhwh's kiss and is thus immune.]


Where did he come from? How did I not know that he was onstage until his solo began?

I know! He came outta nowhere. It’s like the camera wasn’t even aware he was on stage until right before he took the solo.

I think that’s because he wasn’t—he only teleported in when he was needed.


>Now the real question: what the hell happened to the guitar?

It went back to Heaven, of course. It was only on loan.

I have now watched this nine times through and cannot make myself get tired of it. The thing is, the rendition is letter-perfect up to that point. And then the Purple One just takes it to some other place. A place very few of us have been. Wow.


Sister, after that performance,I wouldn't have minded either. I'm actally kinda jealous of said woman, to tell the truth.


That was awesome. Damn. He's tiny. He's weird. He's wearing a little red hat. DAMN.


Man...loved the clip...LOVED the clip...but also thoroughly enjoyed the comments. You guys got passionate blood flowing in those veins!

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