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Monday, March 26, 2007


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Amen. Thanks for pointing out the hypocracy in her comments. I used to like Katie Couric when I was in my early to mid-twenties in the early to mid-nineties. But now, she annoys the ever loving daylights out of me. Shouldn't it be a prerequisite for a journalist to actually know how to, like, interview people?

Tom E.

Picked this nugget up somewhere on the nets today...don't remember where, and it likely doesn't matter because it's spreading fast:

Why did Katie Couric keep pressing John and Elizabeth Edwards on 60 Minutes last night about their decision to continue his presidential campaign when she didn't give up her job as host of the Today Show when her husband was diagnosed with cancer?

Do you know that Katie's husband died of cancer?

So she knows a bit about it.


I'm thinking she should get some slack on this. Her husband died of cancer when her two girls were quite small (around 4 & 6 I want to say but I haven't looked it up) so she does understand that life has to go on. I don't think she was being critical herself, what she asked *is* exactly what a lot of people are thinking. This gave the Edwards' a chance to answer/explain their thoughts on it.
This is the full transcript
On page 4 Katie gives Elizabeth the window to make the same point you did, that she thinks her husband is the best one to run the country and she doesn't want to stop that

Katie Couric:
Here you're staring at possible death...

Elizabeth Edwards:
Aren't we all though.

Katie Couric:
And you're thinking, "I don't want to deprive the country of having my husband lead us."

Elizabeth Edwards:
That would be my legacy wouldn't it, Katie. That I'd... that I'd... that I'd... that I'd taken out this fine man from the possibility of giving a great service. I mean, I don't want that to be my legacy.


But the fact that Katie Couric's husband died of cancer should have made her sensitive enough to know better than to imply Elizabeth Edwards is somehow using her illness as some form of career opportunism for her husband. The CBS anchor is a smart woman and should have known better.

Particularly since nothing smacks more of opportunism than CBS promoting this interview all week long (those who watched NCAA basketball saw the promo done ad nauseum) as the "first exclusive interview with John and Elizabeth Edwards" since her announcement. More than a touch hypocritical, I would say, on the part of Ms. Couric and the Columbia Broadcast System.

Sadly it's typical of where so much of our media is today. Promote the hell out of an "exclusive" interview, ask the sensational questions designed to titillate and do little else, and hide behind those always-unidentified "some people say" as your factual basis for asking the sensational questions. Shoddy as hell.


First, I am a BIG John Edwards supporter.

I didn't see the interview with Katie when it was on. I did read the transcripts later. My husband watched it and told me I would gone ballistic on Katie for her questions.

I stopped watching Katie in 2002?? She was interviewing one the astronauts family, from the Columbia disaster. She asked him how he felt about his child dying? The man refused and started crying and Katie just kept on egging him on to answer. Well HELL.......the dumbest question ever asked.

Also, that Anne Cury makes me so mad, I could scream. She was on the Rosie Show. She told Rosie that her sister had breast cancer. Rosie then said, oh, I bet you can find her the best treatments.
Meaning, you can use your celebrity status to help your sister. And Ann Cury replies, "Oh , no I would never do that, use my celebrity to help my sister.

I thought I would shatter my TV. I mean, I'm a poor church mouse, but I would go to the ends of the earth, use anything I could to help my sister get the best treatment.

I have to say, I have not watched the CBS evening news since Katie began anchoring.

So thank you, Scott, for saying out loud what I've had in my mind for years.

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