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Thursday, March 22, 2007


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Scott, that was unspeakably beautiful. For once I am speechless.

You are amazing. As is your magnificent family.


so lovely

Alice Gunther

Scott, I think March 22, 1997 was the day I grew up and began to realize life doesn't go on forever. The thought repeating itself in my mind for weeks afterward was, "Max can't have leukemia. She's too important."

This post does the impossible--it adequately represents the horror and beauty of that day. It is perfect.

Karen E.

You've got me in tears. What a beautiful post from such a loving daddy. Blessings to you and your whole beautiful family.


What a beautiful post.


I won't bore everyone with the ridiculously long post that I left at Bonny Glen. To summarize, it has been an amazing experience to see what some of "my kids" in the hospital may be like now, years out from their treatment. I'm sure some aren't around, but some are. Every time I see her, I think of them and hope that their life has turned out as well. She is sunshine personified. Happy day.

Suzanne Temple

Such an amazing story. Such a neat family! I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.

Suzanne Temple

Such an amazing story. Such a neat family! I enjoyed reading this. Thank you.


Wow. Great delivery of a wonderful toast. May you share many more with your angel.


Wow. Most of this we never knew. And she's still one of the most amazing kids (even people) that we've ever known. I don't need to tell you that when it comes to raisin' kids, you guys done good... :)

We miss you guys, but we're glad you like it there!


Heartbroken for you all 10 years ago. SO Ingredibly grateful for you all today! That daughter of yours is such a gift to this world and to us personally. Thanks for giving me a fresh reason to celebrate today, my friend.


Thanks for sharing. I have friends going through an aggressive form of leukemia right now with their 7 yo son.


Hooray for Max and her family. Beautifully told.


God bless.

Congratulations, Max. Congratulations, Fambly.

Mary Beth P

I remember that day, too! You know I've sent up (and continue to do so) endless prayers on behalf of that incredible little girl, and her precious family! I'm glad I had the chance to know you all!

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