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Tuesday, March 06, 2007


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Nice to have you back, but a lot has changed since you've been gone. We here in "LOTD"-land are said to have a new daddy now.

Karen E.

We're glad you're back but I beg to differ with your "all three of you" assessment ... there are at least four of us here who care. Ramona, however, isn't concerned in the least.


I'm sorry about your back. I, too, saw the Bob Woodruff story. I also wondered what magic music the Boss sent him. I'd love to know for the next time I'm ill or injured.


Ramona, however, isn't concerned in the least.

I've always suspected she didn't care for me.

Smart kid.

Beth TigerMoon

I'm so glad your back is better, and am left wondering if lurkers-who-rarely-post are included in that mystical number three ...

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