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Monday, January 08, 2007


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"Dont you just love the way he sings? Don't you know we're riding with the king?" - John Hiatt

All the cartoonish iconography about what he became and how much he messed himself up before dying way too young cannot change two facts:

1) He had a greater understanding of the music he was singing, where it came from, and why he was singing it than anyone in the history of modern music.

2) He had a once in a century voice that could shake the paint off the wall. And did.

One of a kind.


You're right about all of that.

But my point is, in another twenty or so years, those facts will remain...but virtually no one will know them anymore. If a fact falls in a forest...


That's why we need you and your fine staff at "Left Of The Dial" to keep it all alive for us. I'm counting on you. The readers are counting on you. The American people are counting on you.

Make us proud.


The American people are counting on you.

Well, as long as there's no pressure.

I meant to add that Dave Marsh (I believe) once wrote something like: Elvis's death wasn't a tragedy. His life was the tragedy.

Jonboy Meyes

Long live the KING!!! Had no idea you were an Elvis fan as well!

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