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Sunday, December 10, 2006


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Thank you for posting these lists. They're so sad and hard to read. Yet, it's important that people keep track. So, thanks.


Thanks, Shannon (and others who’ve said similar things in the past).

I feel a bit odd posting these, but I’ve noticed that a fair percentage of my traffic comes from people googling these names. And while the forty-five seconds I spend watching This Week, reading the names of the fallen, taking note of how old they were and what part of the country they came from, and then posting them on Left of the Dial, doesn’t really do anything, doesn’t change the world at all, doesn’t bring solace to their friends and family, I think it makes some small difference to me personally. For at least a little while, it makes me think about more than myself and my family, and makes me really think about the consequences of elections and politics and legislation, and how incredibly lucky I am. And, I dunno, maybe someone who loved one of these people is glad someone else has noticed.


That's 33 United States soldiers and Marines killed in less than one week. Fighting in a war that our President declared won 3 1/2 years ago.

33 people, ages 19 to 39, representing 19 different states, one United States territory, and three branches of the military.

Think of how many people in this world know you really well. There are at least, what, 100 people who do? The same had to apply for every one of these fallen Americans. Which means, easily, between three and four thousand Americans had there hearts broken in less than week, losing someone very close to them in a war our President has treated like a game.

That's not sad. It's tragic. And criminal.

Rest in peace.

arthur g mclean

my heart goes out to the families of these fallen heroes but thats how the will be remebered wether you think the war is right or wrong that didnt matter to these soldiers that sacrificed themself for the good of there country and i have the upmost respect for that i will remeber all the fallen soldiers as heroes r.i.p


They are heroes, no doubt. They sacrificed themselves for their country and that is the utmost in heroism.

My problem is the architects of this war don't seem to care about these sacrifices. If they did, they wouldn't have spent the last 3 1/2 years treating it with brazen, sneering glibness.

Our troops are heroes. Our current administration? Cowards and/or hypocrites.

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