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Friday, December 22, 2006


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Like so many other situations, folks just hate lawyers and juries…until they need one to go to bat for them.

You mean like when tort reform soldier Rick Santorum tells doctors he will fight to put a cap on damages 6 years after he sues his wife's chiropractor for 2X his propsed cap on damages? (note: I am not arguing that a chiropractor is a doctor)


It's cool to hate lawyers and think juries are stupid. When the public hears about a multi-million dollar verdict about some type of corporate harm, they usually say, "That person isn't entitled to x amount." What they fail to understand is that point of punitive damages is not to make the person whole (that's what compensatory damages do), but to PUNISH the person and/or company who did the wrong. As far as I'm concerned, $2.7 millions dollars wasn't near enough for that poor woman.


by the title of this post on my feed I thought it was going to be about the gingerbread latte at starbucks and a link to the way you can make the same thing at home (using, you know, GOOD coffee)

but no. Instead, this was about melted labia.


by the title of this post on my feed I thought it was going to be about the gingerbread latte at starbucks...instead, this was about melted labia.

Always the same ol’ story—if it’s not one, it’s the other...

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