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Monday, December 04, 2006


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Even cynical ol’ me would never have believed this.

Even after Our Lady of the Internment Camps, Michelle Malkin gets national exposure on cable talk shows?

Few things:

1. A few idiots, even a BUSHel of idiots with quick dialing fingers, don't speak for the whole country, or even the majority of the country.

2. "In Germany, the treaty [of Versilles] caused shock and humiliation that contributed to the collapse of the Weimar Republic in 1933, particularly because many Germans did not believe that they should accept the sole responsibility of Imperial Germany and its allies for starting the war."

. . . Jews didn't cause Germany's 9/11. We did.

3. Herbert Spencer's work and Social Darwinism were considered scientific gospel at the time, especially with industrialists. Hopefully, we can't justify those actions with any sort of science any more.

4. We let them: Poland was invaded in 1939. The Allies didn't attack until 1940.

Karen E.

That is so sad and frightening.

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