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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


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Anne Marie

Did you notice that the entry of C'ville's own Waldo Jaquith is already posted?


This past Election Night at the Goodwin Hotel in Hartford, I stopped during the evening news hour to talk to a few reporters about the day's races and to update them on voter turnout (long story short - it's part of my job) The Goodwin was where Joe Lieberman had his victory party planned. (And Scott, I'll stop for a moment to let you punch the wall)

Anyways, as I walked into the hotel around 5 p.m., the first person to walk past me, giving a smiling nod and looking like he REALLY wished he was somewhere else, was Ron Silver, of "Blue Steel," "Reversal of Fortune," and other stuff fame. Apparently he was in town to support Lieberman and by 5 p.m. he had...absolutely nothing to do.

Now, I know this isn't a "political" sigthing, but it felt like it was. Because it really looked like he was walking around trying to play the role of that political strategist dude he played on "The West Wing." I got the sense that the role was in his head as he strolled around this hotel thinking, "What the freak am I doing in Hartford?"

I was tempted to tell him, "Hey, Josh and Toby just called - they've got a BIG problem with the victory speech. And President Bartlett needs to know what time to make his congratulatory call to Joe." But I didn't.

Also, this past summer I drove now-retired Maryland Senator Paul Sarbanes to the airport. Great guy. Even if he refused to let me bear-hug him and repeatedly denied my request for a lock of his shimmering silver hair. Still great fun.

Karen E.

These are both from my previous incarnation as a businesswoman.

I was once in an elevator, at a Chicago Westin hotel, with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. (He's *really* tall. Or maybe I'm just really short.)

I was at a trade show (also Chicago, I think.) A line was forming for autographs from a couple of old baseball players.

"Hmmm ..." I said to Sue, my fellow businesswoman, as I looked over the trade show information. "Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. Tom's a Yankees fan. Will he be interested in these guys?"

She looked at me as if no one in the universe could really be this stupid. "Uh, yeah, Karen. Get him the autographs."

(Mickey Mantle was a flirt.)

Karen E.

Oops ... mine weren't political. They were sports. Duh. I really *am* stupid.



I met Joe Leiberman when he was the VP nominee in 2000.

I know Nick Lampson, the wonderful congressman who just won Delay's old seat.

I met Ann Richards on several occasions.

I got to shake hands with President Clinton and Senator Clinton.

Oh and I worked for Peter Galbrith's (the elder one??) ex daughter in law.

I'm a political junkie...


I'm so completely jealous that you have Sam Waterston's autograph.


I used to babysit for the Gores. Does that count?


I once passed (and okay, GAWKED AT) John F. Kennedy Jr on 52nd St. But I think babysitting for the Gores wins for sure!!


ooh. I dunno - a JFK jr sighting may trump that...

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