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Wednesday, November 22, 2006


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I live in a "working class" community. We have recruitment centers for all four branches of the military in our (otherwise sparsely inhabited) downtown. The webpage for our highschool has a prominent ad (complete with waving flag and tinny Sousa accompaniment) for the ROTC and JROTC on its "front" page...Recruiters have offices within the highschool and are free to wander the cafeterias (in full regalia) and chat up the kids. We are a community that is being "groomed" for military enlistment as far as I am concerned...

When I questioned this practice at a Board of Ed. meeting and asserted that it was "anti education" to funnel children as young as 8th or 9th grade into a career track that paid at the poverty level and, at this moment in history, could quite likely harm or kill them, I was told that No Child Left Behind guarantees military access to our schools. (Technically true: if a school allows colleges to visit, they must also then allow military to visit under Bush's plan--however, there is no need to put out a red carpet like my school district has done and continues to do.) As it turns out, the district gets paid money for this access. A decent chunk of change. THAT is why the practice continues, not because of NCLB.

At the risk of sounding paranoid, I feel like there is social engineering going on from the Federal level to perpetuate distracting wars that are fuelled by children's bodies from the lower economic classes. And while these wars persist, obscene levels of wealth are being concentrated in the pockets of a small number of megacorporations.

I hate the idea of a draft. But I definitely see Rangel's point.


My husband who is safely home from Iraq has stated the same thing about the draft. He feels we need one. He thought he would never in his life felt that way, but he does now.

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