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Monday, October 09, 2006


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Tom E.

On the other, Kansas gave us Superman and Dorothy. So there’s that.

Don't forget Dick and Perry.


I wrote: that thar rare breed known as the pro-life liberal. San Diego’s got one of the best zoos in the whole wide world. I wonder if they got that particular endangered species on display. Possibly too hard to find.

I meant to point out that they're deucedly hard to track down, but once you got 'em, they do tend to breed like rabbits.


That's why I refer to Kansas as one of the flat ones in the middle. I figure as long as they think we Californians are weird, we can make fun of their...flatness.

Karen E.

"It’s like Footloose come to life! Kevin Bacon, where are you in our time of need?"

He was six degrees removed. No help at all. We were doomed.


Kansas on steroids is Saskatchewan, had the dubious 'pleasure' of driving through it on one of my trips to AK, and swore I would never grip about KS again.
But I still do grip about KS every drive through there. Tell your DW to hang in there, be sure to scan her mirrors frequently to avoid the hypnotic effect of the road ahead. It does end. Eventually.

Steve the LLamabutcher

I was wondering what you thought of that book. I used it in Intro American this fall. (together with the South Park Conservatives book)

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