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Sunday, August 27, 2006


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These are great! Thanks for all the links. I particularly enjoyed the R.E.M. clips (especially the older of the two).

Unfortunately, the Nirvana link is bad (when I click on it, YouTube says the following: "This video has been removed due to terms of use violation").

Could you perhaps provide another link that leads to that same Nirvana clip?



You Tube, it's the new crack. I've sadly/happily wasted my share of hours staring into the Tube. And I've even done my own YT blogging which is becoming a whole new fad in and of itself. I've been sitting here trying to wrap my brain around some ideas I can't quite seem to voice/type and was contemplating just YTing a post to make it easy. The funny thing to me is the bands that I didn't even think to look for, then I do look and there they are.

I remember Novoselic's falling bass, and I don't even have to see it to laugh. I'm sure it's because I'm an ass, but that scene has been giving me a giggle for years now. If you can't catch your guitar, you best not toss it up in the air.


I love much better!!
it's a small little grass roots site where
you can post ANYTHING and not worry about it being


Way late, but about the tivoli shirts: Tivoli is a small concert hall in Utrecht, the Netherlands. I believe in 1992 PJ played there. Supposedly they had a great time there, stating in interviews that the people there felt like family. As a tribute he made his own Tivoli t-shirt and wore them on a few occasions. If you google on a few keyword you'll be able to finds some interviews.

It,s probably not an issue after so many years but oh well, still nice to know isnt it? ;)


The Tivoli shirt that Eddie made himself and wore on the Pinkpop festival in 1992, got shred to pieces after he jumped in the audience. Just watch "Porch", it's legendary!

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