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Monday, July 24, 2006


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augh i told you. gah.


It seems that you are not feeling the love here in California. Too bad. I don't know how hot it has been in San Diego, but you definitely picked the wrong time to be here. It's oven hot.


It seems that you are not feeling the love here in California.

Oh no. I guess it has sounded that way. But other than missing the fambly desperately, it's actually been quite the fascinating experience. And the heat wave is still a bit more comfortable than a regular ol' summer in Virginia, so I can live with it.


Depends on the size of the "Compact" space -- my mother once fit our minivan/Suburban (don't remember when exactly this was) into a supposedly compact parking spot with no trouble at all... but then, this was in Nebraska, where space is seldom at a premium, so I'd imagine it was a larger-than-average compact spot.

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