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Monday, July 03, 2006


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mary M-O

Well, I'm guessing you are not going to have drive through Texas. That, in and of itself, would take at least 1/2 of the time Mapquest says.

So Big Country is right....Big State too.

I'm like you, if I never see Dallas again, I'll be fine.....but the rest of the state is very pretty and interesting. :)

Wish you all could come this way. Hey, we even have the Alamo in our back yard. :)


Lois Fundis

Scott, there are about 700 bridges in Pittsburgh, more than any other city including Venice, Italy, so if you only crossed 30 you got off light. (As a local, what I'm really curious about is, how many tunnels did you go through?)

Next time (unless you're actually coming to the actual city, that is) see if you can go on I-80 or I-70 instead.

My brother said that of the two-day (nearly straight through) trip from Fort Worth to Pittsburgh for my mom's funeral, about half of it seemed to be just getting out of Texas.


We left NY on a Saturday morning, stopped in DC for dinner with my parents, and spent the night in Raleigh NC with friends (though out of the way)... Let's see if I can remember -- first night was Memphis AK, er.. Amarillo, then Flagstaff, arriving in SoCal on weds. We were supposed to have a more relaxed "see the country" drive, but the space shuttle exploded all over the 10 freeway - so we had to take 40 -- BRUTAL. We *did* take old rt 66 a few times and that was great - but we had to be in SoCal right quick - because the movers who had our stuff called us and said they would be there on Thursday -- instead of SATURDAY like we were originally told.

If you need help, ping me.

Leslie in Springfield

I moved to the DC area in August 1987, from the SF Bay area. I drove across the country in a record-setting heat wave, in an ancient 1/4 ton pick-up truck with no radio or stereo and *no air conditioning.* In addition to the "planned" driving time, be sure to allow some extra hours for rainstorms and construction projects that slow things to a crawl. It took me 4 1/2 days and most days I drove for over 10 hours. I had to beat the moving truck, so there was no time for sightseeing.


I have driven from here, next to the Great Smokies Mountains NP to work in Alaska (as well as NV and ID) on several occasions, rather than flying. Always a great trip, no matter the season. This is a HUGE country, its vastness and diversity are awe inspiring. I made my trip in as short as 6 days at 800 miles a day, and as long as almost 2 weeks, and have concluded that the longer, the better. It allows for sight-seeing and experiencing local flavor as much as possible.
BTW, I am anal enough to compare the maps mileage to actual mileage, and must say that Yahoo Maps wins hands down for least error and best mileage: it nailed Asheville NC to Boulder CO within 2 miles of my trip odometer.
I usually have managed to avoid TX by skiming along its norther edge and taking OK as well. Once in my 20's (when was that? Duran Duran and Van Halen on the radio, no CDs) I crossed TX through I-10. All I can say is Ugh! I thought it would never end....
Point I am trying oh so un-eloquently (is that a real word?) to make is this: leave early, take your time, get off the interstate as much as you can, and enjoy the people and the vistas that God has so graciously blessed us with here in our neck of the world. Be sure to try to see the scenary theough your child's eyes. Even Texas.
Have fun, drive safe, wished I was going too, I am ready for another road trip after 6 months staying locally.

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