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Wednesday, July 19, 2006


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I thought I was the only person on earth with such loathing for SUVs. Oh, and mini vans. They annoy the ever loving hell out of me. One of my friends gave me a flyer with Micky Mouse flipping the bird and it talks about not knowing how to park. I keep about a hundred of them in my glove compartment. You never know when you're going to see an Esclade parked in a compact spot.


I find the average SUV to be morally perverse. Don't get me started on the Hummer or people who drive their SUV while talking on their phone.


Also hating the SUVs. We live in a SUV intensive area.
Very nice to have you back. I wasn't sure you'd return. Good luck with the new job.


ah, california. Why just, when was it... oh yeah - 15 minutes ago, I was cursing out yet another tiny tiny girl driving a giant SUV with a cell phone in one hand and an ice blended in the other.

... and the SUV in the compact parking space thing? It makes me NUTS.

I need some of those flyers. Hook a girl up.

WELCOME. Are you at Comic-con at all? My boy is there this week.


Oh come now, you must love the "Luxury SUV". You know the ones that have the nice leather seats and the real wood accents, so that they can go drive in the mud and tow the bass boat around. I see them all over Bethesda. Amazing how they are able to keep them so clean and shiny all the time though, with all those dirt backroads here in the suburbs.

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