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Friday, July 21, 2006


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Hello Scott,

My name is Molly. I commented a while back, saying how much I enjoy your blog. (You replied by asking how much Top Management paid me to say that. ;-)

You're in San Diego, huh? How are you enjoying it? I live in Poway (a suburb about 15-20 miles north of SD).

Let me introduce myself: I am Alicia Van Hecke's sister-in-law (she runs &

Let me know if you have any questions about SD! Enjoy your stay here!!


Molly, hi! I'm one of Alicia's biggest fans. :) I've already been hitting her up for info about SD as I prepare to get the rest of the gang out there to join Scott. Sounds beautiful...

Mary Beth Patnaude


Glad you made it to CA safely. We're praying for your family's safe reunion very soon!

Tom E.

Scott, you should see some of the places I ate while I was in San Diego about thirty years ago. I remember looking up from what I was eating, and a lunatic in a Smokey Hat screamed, "Get out, you &*%$#*@ piece of &*%$! Get out before I gouge your *&%^$#@&*%$^* eyes out! I guess I didn't move fast enough because he came right up behind me and started shoving and screaming even louder, promising he would kill me as soon as I got outside. I didn't die, of course, but I thought I would. Really, you should check it out. It's down by the bay, I think. I didn't get a lot of time for sight seeing. Later I did get to the zoo, but that was after bootcamp. Enjoy. San Diego is quite a beautiful city, or so I'm told.




Hi Lissa, nice to meet you. Good luck with all your preparations to get out here! Moving is always such a pain in the you-know-what. Where will you be living in SD??

It really is a great (and beautiful!) city. I hope you'll like it here. We're in the middle of a horrible heat wave though (but I guess the whole country is, too!). It reached over 110 degrees inland over the weekend, which I don't ever remember happening before. Yuck!

I hope Scott's been enjoying himself. If you need any advice on which sites to hit, let me know!

Steve the LLamabutcher

Geez, that place looks like Star Fleet HQ...

Hope all is okey-dokey out there!

Arthur Curry


I'd like to report that the blue ridge mountains are nice and cool the last few days, at least in this section of it in NC. Hope you find SD as appealing to you and your lovely family.

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