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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


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How the heck does "Holidy In Cambodia" count as a conservative song? It's an attack on spoiled American kids whose biggest complaint is not having a cool enough car. It's not simply an anti-Pol Pot song. How does he interpret the lines like "You're a star belly sneech/you suck like a leech/You want everyone to act like you" or the lines that precede the ones he quoted- "Kiss ass while you bitch/so you can get rich/but your boss gets richer off you". Sounds anti-conservative to me.


Originally written by Pete Seeger and sometimes interpreted as anti-war

Yeah, by um, Pete Seeger.

So many of these make me want to scream as they are sad attempts to twist art into some pathetic reflection of his belief system instead of letting the music reveal something new about the world to him.

And I may have to kill him for putting the Modern Lovers on his list at all. Some things are just inexcusable.


Wow. This guy listed Suicidal Tendencies as pro-conservative? If Mike Muir gets wind of this, he is not going to be happy. I hope to God Miller isn't too attached to his kneecaps...

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