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Monday, June 19, 2006


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I can’t hear 18,000-20,000 at all. Yet I can hear the 21,000 and up again just fine. Kinda odd, no?

Odd, but not unheard (heh) of. Hearing can be damaged by loud noise exposure. No surprise there of course, but the way our ear works, only some hearing receptors (called hair cells) are affected for any given frequency of sound. If you had a particularly extended or intense exposure to sound in the 18-20K range, you could have selected loss in that range and above could be fine.

An aside, but a favorite geek story of mine: men and women both show cumulative hearing loss as they get older. Funny thing is, men tend to lose high frequencies, and women the low frequencies. As we get older, we tune each other out. Literally.

I will now take of my dork hat and make some fart jokes...

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