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Friday, May 26, 2006


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Ah but the attacks on Gore's honesty have already begun in earnest as a little momentum towards a Gore presidential run seems to have begun to build. Here is a shameless hit piece by the logically challenged and intellecually lazy Jonah Goldberg:

"Apparently, Poppa Gore thought a boy who couldn't both plow a field and parlez French existentialism could never be president either. Then there's the fact that young Al got C's in French at his tony Washington high school, St. Alban's. That's some school if a kid who can intelligently discuss Sartre's "La Nausée" and Camus' "Betwixt and Between" in apparently pitch-perfect French still can't earn a B in French class. Mon dieu!

But let's be fair. Maybe he misremembered the age at which he studied existential philosophy in France (though I could find no mention of such a trip in a quick search of his biographies). Why not trust him? After all, he's not running for anything, right?"

And maybe B grade writers propped up my mommy's political connections shouldn't be commenting on someones abilities, non?

Tom E.

Goldberg rode to fame hanging on his mother's broomstick.

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