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Thursday, May 18, 2006


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That almost hurt to think of, especially coming off my own scare. I actually meant to kick, though it was a soccer ball I was after and kicked someone in the side of their foot instead. I even played most of the rest of the game on it as it hadn't started hurting . . . much. As soon as I changed shoes after the game it was on. But I'm fine now, four short days later. Hope your toe is feeling better soon.

Melissa Wiley

Ahem. I wish to add, for the record, that I tried in vain to convince the invalid to let ME put his son to bed for once, so as to spare him the getting off the bed and the hopping out of the room. He refused (laughing his scary/delirious laugh). It appears that even excruciating pain can not trump the Peterson stubbornness.

But I still feel sorry for him. That poor toe just looks WRONG.

Anne Marie

See, if you do bedtime OUR way, you don't have these problems . . .

So sorry about your toe! :(


Ow ow owie ow ow.
That's about all I can muster because I'm turning just a wee bit green envisioning the scene where the toe breaks :::shudder::::: I hope it heals quickly for you!!


Heh, breaking news. That's teh funny.


Oh, and Raw Power is Iggy's finest...


Oh, and Raw Power is Iggy's finest...

It’s one of those records that, if it’s been a while, I find myself thinking, "it can’t be quite as brilliant/brutal/transcendent/whatever as I remember."

And I put it on. And, yeah, it really is.


John read this over the weekend and told me, “you have to read Scott’s blog” – I read it today and I’m so sorry to hear about your toe. I have to tell you, though, that as much as I sympathize for you and the pain, I couldn’t stop laughing every time you talked about the pain making you laugh. Especially your giggles when the doctor touched your foot. Still LOL! Feel better soon, man.

jen iversen

Hi there...i was searching for info about pins in broken toes...which i broke last night putting my boys to bed. This definitely cheered me up!!! I needed that...i'm sorry that your misfortune was the help. I hope everything is going better for you now. fyi...i broke my toe while kicking my sons' dirty laundry to the bigger pile of laundry and pretty much the same thing happened. Most of my foot went forward and the pinky toes stayed behind. I haven't heard wether they are going to need to put a pin in it. We'll see. Thanks again!!!
Castle Rock, colorado


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