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Monday, April 10, 2006


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Steve the LLamabutcher

I just play a LLama on tee-vee----in real life my familiar is a Moose.


Driving home from taking Max to her weekly day out in the woods (no, we don't just drop her off by herself for eight hours--we make sure she's got a water bottle), I noticed for the first time that our local goslings have hatched.

I slowed down to watch the adorable family: mama (or maybe papa) in the lead, then a half-dozen of the cuddly little furballs toddling behind, and then papa (or maybe mama) bringing up the rear. It was so cute.

And then mama (or maybe papa) noticed me and said, "Hey, seriously, shouldn't you be at home cutting your lawn?"

I live in a tough neighborhood, man.

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