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Monday, April 24, 2006


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Fatboy and Mr. Hairpiece certainly give the profession a good name! How could anyone possibly not love 'em?!


De-lurking to let you know that I am a regular Left of the Dial(and Here in the Bonny Glen) reader who also happens to be a lawyer (although in Canada).


See what I’m sayin’? I love lawyers! Note what outstanding taste they have, por ejemplo.

My best friend from high school married a lawyer, my fantastic former assistant/next door neighbor married a lawyer, Top Management’s best friend is the daugher of a lawyer who is herself a lawyer who, yes, is married to a lawyer…the list goes on. Lawyers rule! (Well…I guess technically judges do that, but most judges are, after all, lawyers.)

And in the "opulent tastes" department, I should confess: Top Management loves fancy imported marzipan (with dark chocolate), whilst I was treated recently by my way over-indulgent in-laws to some mind-bendingly good coffee from Hawaii. They spoil me.

Not that I’m complaining, mind you. Just noting it for the record. In case, you know, any of the rest of you feel the need to do so. And I don't say that just because you're lawyers.

Not just because.


Oh yeah sure, drag out that tired old cliche: "some of my best friends are lawyers".

On the opulent tastes issue. The most incredible chocolates ever made are here. Also cool in that it is a small business that buys from local farmers (even an elementary school group). A second mortgage is required for a box, but you only live once...


Well, now, that’s interesting. Hadn’t occurred to me, but the lawyers in question AREN’T actually my friends, not exactly (leaving aside for the nonce the possibility that no one really is and you're all secretly conspiring against me). It’s not my best friend but her husband who's the lawyer, for instance, or Top Management’s best friend. So I’m certainly friendly (I hope) with these lawyers but not it’s not a direct friendship; at least initially it's a friend-of-a-friend thing. Now why is that? I suspect it’s because attorneys are afraid of getting too close to me, perpetually worried that I’ll hit ‘em up for free law advice.

And as well they should be, incidentally.

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